Our Mission Statement:

The Washington Wheat Foundation works to economically advance the small grains industry by building support for programs and activities that increase public awareness of farming's responsible approach to the essential production of our safe food supply, and the development of new knowledge about environmentally sound farming practices.


Programs the Foundation supports:


Public Information Committee

  • Full support of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers (WAWG) standing committee

  • For specifics regarding the committee call 509-659-1987.


Research Equipment Grant

  • Grant is awarded annually in the fall

  • For specifics regarding the grant call 509-659-1987


Washington Association of Wheat Growers (WAWG)

  • Earmarked Memorial funds are donated to the WAWG general fund annually.



  • Two $1000 scholarships are awarded each fall to WSU Ag Communication majors

    • Applications are made in the preceding winter

    • Contact the Washington State University Alumni & Dev. Office, PO Box 646228, Pullman, WA 99164-6228


Washington Ag in the Classroom (WAIC)

  • Across the nation, fewer and fewer people have had exposure to farm life or even a basic understanding of how food and fiber are produced. The Ag in the Classroom program works to fill this "information gap" by providing teachers with resource materials, workshops and other activities, which enable them to integrate the study of agriculture into existing curriculum.

  • Ag in the Classroom provides free and low-cost enrichment resource material and tools for K-12 educators to teach agricultural concepts within the existing curriculum.

  • Ag in the Classroom offers weeklong summer courses, in-service, evening and after school workshops to give teachers ideas and materials that will help students learn about food and farming through discussion with previous class participants and commodity producers.

    • Full and/or partial scholarships are available through donations made by agricultural organizations.

    • Contact: WAIC, PO Box 3638, Lacey, WA 98509-3638 or www.waic.net


Northwest Natural Resources Institute (NNRI)

  • The mission of NNRI is to provide education programs, information and activities, which facilitate balanced, constructive dialogue concerning management of the region's natural resources.

  • Effective natural resource management has resulted in far greater environmental sensitivity and protection for farmlands, forests, water resources and air quality. Modern harvesting and management techniques do not receive the recognition they deserve. Natural resource industries must do a better job of telling their story.

  • Reliable information delivered by credible people is key to the success of the NNRI education programs.

    • Support of NNRI is through tax deductible donations

    • Contact: 509-459-4112


Eat First!!!

  • A non-profit organization founded by Pat Tigges

  • Her presentations have supported the miracle of high yield agriculture.

  • She has announced her retirement and her support of the work of Ag in the Classroom.


Primary Resource & Industry Management Education (PRIME)

  • A not-for-profit organization founded by educator Peg Shipley and her father Ed Gray

  • They put "tubs" together for all different grade levels. The tubs contain materials for activities to teach a class about natural resources.

  • Contact: Peg Shipley - peg.shipley@verizon.net