Every year at the Tri-State Grain Growers Convention, we host both a silent and live auction with our sister grain foundations in Idaho and Oregon. The proceeds from these auctions support our programs and efforts. To donate an item to our upcoming auction, fill out the donation form and contact Walt Neff at 509-544-9009 or Kate Malone at 509-710-3559.


Golf Tournament

The annual Harvest Classic Golf Tournament is another favorite event that raises money to support our efforts. Thank you to our sponsors! Stay tuned for more information about the 2019 tournament.



The McGregor Company - Prize Level Sponsor

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Brock and Brock P.S.

CLD Pacific Grain, LLC

Douglas County Association of Wheat Growers

Leffel, Otis, Warwick, P.S.

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC

Odessa Trading Company

Ritzville Warehouse Co

The Links at Moses Pointe

Walla Walla County Association of Wheat Growers

Bayer Crop Science

Central Washington Grain Growers, Inc.

Connell Grain Growers

Grant County Association of Wheat Growers

LeMaster Daniels

Northwest Farm Credit Services Insurance Agency

Richards, Merrill and Peterson, Inc.

Syngenta Seed Care

The McGregor Company


Prizes, Donations and special sponsorships

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC

Ritzville Warehouse Co.

Wheatland Bank

Odessa Trading Company

Washington State University


Grant Writing

The Foundation has initiated grant writing as part of our focus to aid in finding funding for ongoing projects as well as new projects as they develop. If anyone has knowledge of a funding source that you think might work for the Foundation please give us a call at 509-659-1987.


Planned Giving

Tax-deductible contributions are one way the Washington Wheat Foundation supports its mission.

The Washington Wheat Foundation is a charitable organization as described in 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donors may deduct contributions as provided in Section 170 of the Code. Any contribution of money is deductible up to a maximum of 50 percent of an individual's adjusted gross income with the excess, if any, being deductible (subject to the 50 percent limit) during the succeeding five years. Contributions of property, including stocks, also include tax advantages.

The Benefits of Giving

  • You can help assure a brighter future for Washington wheat and barley growers and their families by including the Washington Wheat Foundation in your charitable giving program.

  • Through your gift to the Foundation, you play a key role in enhancing the productivity of Washington wheat and barley farms and increase public awareness of farming's responsible approach to food production.

  • You also enjoy the freedom to target your gift to a special project or area of research you think is valuable to the future of Washington small grain farmers.

  • Just as important, you may realize significant tax savings and provide an income stream for you and your family. In fact, with the wide variety of gifting options available, you may find that it doesn't cost to give to the Washington Wheat Foundation.


ways to give:

Gifts for Today

  • Cash. The most popular gift.

  • Appreciated property. Securities and real estate may provide the best tax advantages.

  • Tangible personal property.

  • Closely held stock.

  • Charitable lead trust. Much like a loan, your gift will be returned to you or your family at a later time.

Memorial Giving

Through a charitable bequest, you can make a substantial gift that may not have been possible during life. An amendment, or codicil, to your existing Will may be all that is necessary. Ask your attorney about these forms of charitable bequests when reviewing your Will:

  • Specific Bequest

  • Residuary

  • Percentage

  • Contingent

  • Restricted

  • Income for a beneficiary. With the testamentary trust, you can establish a charitable remainder annuity trust or a charitable gift annuity for a selected beneficiary.


Deferred Giving and Income-Producing Plans

Some plans assure a supplemental income for you or your family. In some cases, you may be able to turn a charitable donation into retirement income, while benefiting from a current tax deduction. Ask your financial advisor which income-producing plan offers you the greatest advantages.

  • Charitable Gift Annuity. An easy method of giving. In exchange for your gift, a specified annuity is paid to you and/or your beneficiary.

  • Deferred Payment Gift Annuity.

  • Charitable Remainder Trust. This popular gifting method includes unitrusts and annuity trusts.

  • Pooled Income Funds.

Other Deferred Giving Plans You May Not Have Considered

  • Remainder Interest in a Residence or Farm. Continue to occupy the residence or operate the farm and also receive an immediate tax deduction.

  • Life Insurance or Retirement Plan Option. Make a substantial gift for a relatively modest annual outlay.


Giving Through Planning Can Mean Tax Savings & Extra Income

Please consult your tax and legal advisors to learn which gifting option will best suit your needs. Or call the Washington Wheat Foundation at 1-509-659-1987. We will be happy to assist you as you plan your gifting program.


Trap Shoot

Each year, the Wheat Foundation also hosts a sporting clay shoot. Held at Landt Farms in Nine Mile Falls, this event is a favorite among growers and guests.  LANDT FARMS ( was the first sporting clays course in Eastern Washington. Set amidst an environment of trees, ponds and wildflowers, Landt Farms offers a wide variety of clays and targets that are changed regularly. The exciting sporting clays course is suited for beginners, intermediate, and expert shooters. They utilize the newest equipment available and offer a variety of exciting shooting games. Doesn't matter if you haven't shot sporting clays before, don't need to have a team: just register and show up.



Adams Farm Partnership

C & E Farms

Thomsen Insurance Inc.

Carpenter, McGuire, Dewulf P.S.

Scott Barr

Ritzville Warehouse


Supporter Program

Ongoing support is what makes our mission possible. Please consider joining us in our education, research and scholarship initiatives. Donations to the Washington Wheat Foundation for the support of any programs can be made through the Supporter Program. You can specify a certain program if you wish. The Foundation will invoice you annually.